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This is a safe space for transmedicalists of all kinds to connect which each other without being limited to social media websites that are flooded with tucutes! Here you can meet fellow transmeds, have friendly debates, and just post in general without annoying SJWs. With over 300 active members, this website is thriving and will welcome you with open arms! 

Transmed Central is still in beta stages and is run by a singular person, Instagram user @openmindedtruscum, who is actively trying to improve it. 

I ask that you be wary of other members and do not bully or harass anyone. Any proof of you doing this will cause you to be suspended.

Please note that the only selectable genders are male and female and I do not believe there is a way to fix this. I am very sorry to non-binary folk who wish to use this platform! I suggest selecting gender opposite of your assigned ne and putting pronouns in your name or bio. For example, I put (h/t), meaning he/they.

If you have any questions, suggestions etc please message my Instagram!

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Version 0.3, last updated on 15 April, 2019

  • lol
    Written by mini.soda on 08/30/2019,
    Comments: 1

    so... this website is dead ( ╥ω╥ ) lmao if anyone wants 2 b in contact w me... instagram art account: @frogprophet irl account: @froststerpop flop account: @saesangflops tumblr main: @frogprophet discourse: @snufkourse she ra: @runeglimmer twitter @tinyentrapta other plurk: @murphythebigfish quotev: @traves and @frogprophet
  • girls that r cute and i want 2 date rly bad
    Written by mini.soda on 04/23/2019,
    Comments: 1

    chloe moriondo chloe moriondo chloe moriondo chloe moriondo chloe moriondo
  • hello gamers
    Written by Foster on 04/18/2019,
    Comments: 0

    Lets Get Boned Tonight  ammirite yalls Also i think you can find the via searching now?
  • henlo
    Written by azuritesgalaxy on 04/16/2019,
    Comments: 0

    im out camping with my family n im bored
  • Bloggy McBlogface is BACK
    Written by Lesbiallie on 04/15/2019,
    Comments: 1

    Hello again! with Cody announcing the revamp of this site and the fact that the blogging feature is back, it's only fitting to me at least that I re start all this since I really did enjoy it. I still have the post it note full of topic ideas that I didn't get to sitting on my laptop waiting to be delved into, and so far I'm thinking: 'mogai and the effect on lesbains', 'the native tucute argument', or 'how to engage in discourse and the effects of it in the 'real world' ' (to quote the post...
  • ruh roh someone help...
    Written by bigdickrick on 01/02/2019,
    Comments: 2

    I have this rlly nice mutual on twitter and they’re kinda close to me but recently i found out they’re a tucute and RLLY do not like transmeds. They don’t know I’m a transmed but I’m scared they’ll find out and they’ll call me tf out like it’s some sort of scandal :/ what should i do? should i tell them? I don’t want them to think I’m transphobic since they’ claim they’re trans but i rlly don’t get their point of view

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